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Rodders Coalition Memberships... Coming Soon!
Join the Rodders Coalition and get HUGE discounts from some of the greatest vendors in the business ALL YEAR LONG (scroll down below to check 'em out!).   Our Coalition Members easily make up for their membership fees with the discounts they get, and not only that... you'll be helping to keep Rods-n-Kustoms.com alive and supporting those vendors out there who support US.   You even get a custom stamped firewall tag (stamped with your forum user name), unlimited photo album storage on our forum... and your own Rods-n-Kustoms.com email address!    

You must first be a registered member of the Rodders Forum to join the Coalition.
Registration is FREE, so click here and get registered.    We appreciate your support!   THANK YOU!

These folks are some of the last "big guys" in the industry that still gets it and still have customer service at the top of their list.   When Mike told me that he and his crew wanted to be a part of this, I was truly thrilled.   Great, down-to-earth folks that I'm proud to have on board.   They're jumping right in with a huge 10% discount off their tires for Coalition Members.   Most folks will make back their Coalition dues by just buying a set of tires.   The discount is not automated through their website, so give them a call or send them an email and be on your way!   Did I mention they ship WORLDWIDE??  

East Coasters rejoice!  These guys offer all kinds of cool stuff... from high performance parts (both air cooled and domestic iron) to complete turn-key cars.   They are also distributors for Berrien Buggies and Thunder Ranch Porsche Replicas and offer complete engine & transaxle rebuild services.  Their PA location is just right our members back east!   Coalition Members get 10% off!

Specializing in off road dune buggies and sand rails... the guys at Appletree are sure to have what you need for your toys.   They also carry a full range of VW parts to fit your street driven VW as well!  They're offering our Coalition Members a very cool 10% discount!

Big Wig Race Cars' panels aren't just for race cars.  They look as good in a hot rod as they do in a 9-second drag car.   Custom bead rolled aluminum interior panels, dashes, & firewalls, engine turned stainless steel sill plates and tons more.    Coalition Members get a 10% discount!   Discount not automated online, so contact Ric via email prior to ordering to receive the discount.

BugRoadster Products
Jack (aka BugRoadster) fabs up some mean suicide door kits and carries a boat load of everything to go with 'em!    Latch kits, remote units, door poppers, and tons more... AND he's giving a HUGE 15% discount to Coalition Members!   Questions?? --->   Shoot Jack and email

You've seen his work all over this site and you're going to see his work popping up a lot more in the future.   John puts out some amazing stuff.   Cartoons, concept cars, renditions, illustrations or just top-of-the-line graphics and logos.   Get your ride immortalized in print... Coalition Members save 10% off John's amazing work!   

Don and his crew got ALL the stuff covered from full custom to restorations and everything in between for your VW.    Knowing that Don and his crew at Chirco wanted to join in and support us, I was STOKED!   Coalition Members receive 10% discount all year long.    If you're in the middle of a project... you know that ROCKS.   

An absolute leader in the fiberglass VW parts industry.  Custom hoods, widened and stock sized fenders, running boards and lots more.  Tired of cheap fiberglass that never matches up?  These guys are best known industry wide for their high quality fiberglass parts that actually FIT like they're supposed to.  They're offering our Coalition Members a very cool 10% discount!

A true original!  Manufactured in the USA since 1916, these guys have produced such a variety of styles over the years... they just might have what you've been looking for to set that project apart from the rest.   Coalition Members receive a 15% discount!

Dbug41's Beam Extenders
All you folks out there going fenderless... you know that extending those front wheels forward is a key part of getting the right stance and looking right.   Hands down... the easiest, cheapest and safest way is simply installing a WELL BUILT beam extension, allowing you to keep your stock suspension in tact by just moving it forward and maintaining the ride quality.   Well Doug's saving you the hard work and producing his beam extenders for the masses!   
Coalition Members get 10% off + FREE shipping (within the continental U.S / lower 48)!!

Finally!   A one-stop online shop that has ALL the cool fabric/vinyls that are RIGHT for your rod/kustom.   Glitter vinyls, faux fur, long pile furs, spiked shag, burlap, suede... you name it!    These guys already got some of the lowest prices you'll find, but they're throwing in another 10% off for Coalition Members!

Something we've ALL been looking for... top rated, EFFECTIVE auto insulation that's actually affordable and a breeze to install... and Mike over at lobucrod.com is making it even better by offering our Coalition Members a cool 10% off of his products and shipping.   Go ahead, do your research... ask around and see what LOADS of other hot rodders have already found out.   This stuff works, fellas.   

Ok, I know this one will make some of our members on the other side of the pond pretty stoked.   A UK-based Coalition Vendor that's AWESOME!   All kinds of kick ass stuff for your hot rods, volksrods and kustoms all in one place!   Mooneyes stuff, peep mirrors, mexi blankets, cool threads... even WWII grenade shifters!   Mark is offering a cool 5% discount to Coalition members on ALL  his stuff (excluding alloys).

Your source for Lead free Pewter pins, badges, and assorted cool stuff from the twisted mind of Unkl Ian.   These Flying Eyeballs are all created, one at a time, by Unkl Ian... in his Top Secret underground bunker.   Most are hand painted, so no two will ever be exactly the same.   Many different sizes.   These things are works of art.   Coalition Members get 10% off!   Drop by FlyingEyeballs.net or email Unkl Ian!

Claudio and his crew have broke the mold and put together the much-anticipated "forward exit exhaust system".   Finish your ride with the cool details and get those pipes out the side, in front of the rear tires.   And they're offering our Coalition Members a cool $50 off any system!

For those of us with old domestic iron... we know how important those old shop manuals can be when you have that "not so common" model.   Well, Jim over at Gearhead Cafe has made it REAL easy for us with an invaluable collection of OEM shop manuals for all kinds of makes/models/years of classic cars.   He's got them all in CD format and Coalition Members receive a 10% discount!

Starting in 1971 under the Volkstrans name in Northern California, and now located in Central Oregon since 1981, German Transaxle has more than 2,200 wholesale customers throughout the United States, Canada, and Malaysia.   They've been rebuilding VW, Audi, and Porsche air cooled and water cooled, manual and automatic transmissions anywhere from stock replacements to full on heavy duty full race applications and sand rails for nearly 40 years.  They are a dealer for Weddle, Transtar, and even Mendeola so quality parts are never in short supply.   Coalition Members enjoy a whopping 20% discount!  
Call:  800-VW2-GEAR (800-892-4327) and ask for Colin or contact him ("howirolla") on the forum.

Cameron and Debbie offer up some of the coolest shift knobs around and back it up with about the biggest selection you're gonna find anywhere.   And Debbie says it best... "They're like cuff links for your hot rod!"     With artists like Crash, Joshua Leasure, Max Grundy and plenty others... they got the one-off stuff you want.  Metalflake, skulls, Coop, flames, you name it... hell, they even got a damn knob with a MOUSE embedded in the resin.  The possibilites are endless to set YOUR ride apart from the rest.   These great folks at Hot Rod Shift Knob are offering up a VERY nice 15% off for Coalition members.

Owned and operated by REAL car folks, Cameron and Debbie.  All kinds of great swag to help fuel your hot rod passion.  Big selection of t-shirts, decals, posters, books, hot rod jewelry for you girls, artwork prints by Keven Carter, John Bell, Crash and other great hot rod artists...  Lots of goodies to choose from.   15% discount to Coalition members on ALL their cool stuff!

Not only does Mike and his guys make some nice bomber seats... but they can even make you a double/bench version.  Hell, they'll even build in some cup holders!  Throw in some pretty cool available options (different seat back designs, cushions, etc) and you've got some one-off seats for your hot rod.  Coalition Members save a whoppin' 20% off!  Rad!

Another one to make the UK guys smile... Lowdown Lifestyle has a whole line of cool threads to show off your passion when you're out and about.   Coalition members make out with a 5% discount.   

Forget those other "multi-step" paints and coatings out there...  Stop rust dead in it's tracks and skip all those complicated steps with MasterSeries.   This is the same heavy duty stuff used industry-wide on bridges, ferry boats, industrial equipment... imagine what it will do for your ride.   This stuff rules.
Contact Chuck at MasterSeriesCTfor a 10% Coalition Member discount!

Been hunting for those all-elusive wheel adapters to fit those kool '35 Ford wire wheels on your volksrod??   Well here ya go...   Lenny and his crew stepped up to the plate and are making it happen.   They also do wheel widening, repair and chroming in addition to being able to fab up pretty much any wheel adapter combo you can throw at 'em.   10% discount to all Coalition Members!   Contact Lenny when you're ready to order.

We've been a satisfied customer of Night Prowlers for years starting when I first ordered a set of fender skirts from them for my old '54 Merc, so we're pretty excited to have them on board with us.  They've been outfitting the coolest sleds on the road for over 2 decades and now they're offering a very nice 10% discount to Coalition members.   Ask for Ron or Jill when placing your order!

Ragtops Online, the sliding ragtop superstore has joined the VolksRods Coalition giving Coalition Members 5% discount off ragtops. Just remember to email Chad before ordering.

Possibly the largest selection of traditional styled wheels you're ever gonna find in one spot.  Steelies, wires, Kelsey Hayes, artillery wheels, etc... and ALL the caps, trim rings and accessories to go with 'em!  They all repair and manufacture wheels right there on site... so no middle man!  
Contact Jimmy at Ralley America for your 10% off Coalition Member discount!

American made for real rods!   Bob and his crew over at Rebel Wire make some great wiring kits for your hot rods... they even have kits to fit your old VW too!    High quality components, each individual wire labeled every 6 inches, accessory plugs/adapters, made in the USA!   Coaltion Members get a 10% discount!   Call Bob at 423-263-5399

Like listening to your favorite tunes while cruising around in your ride?   But can't get yourself to tear that awesome classic radio out of the dash for a newer (uglier) unit?   Your worries are over with these nifty little units developed by Matt and Linda at Brew City Engineering.  Now you can hook your iPod, MP3 player, CD player, portable radios, etc right through your car's original radio.  
Better yet... Coalition Members get 10% off!

Dropped axles, bat wings, radius rods, friction shocks, perches, mounts, etc...   Ron's got loads of hand-fabbed hot rod hardware to choose from as well as a the ability to CNC/Plasma cut custom pieces to your specs.   Coalition Members get 10% discount off all parts made in-house.   Email Ron or give him a call at (865) 932-7541

In the spirit of Big Daddy, these guys are keeping the craziness alive!  Home of the "FLake Bomber" gun!  Full line of metal flake in all different flake sizes, sheens and colors... AND pinstriping enamels and supplies!   Rad!   Coalition Members receive a 10% discount!

These guys offer many things for your old classic, but their main focus is a solution to that old problem of dim, hard-to-see taillights on our old classic cars... LED conversions for your taillights!  They carry specific kits for VW, Chevy, Ford and many other makes... and they're handing our Coalition Members a VERY nice 15% discount on all their goods.

The absolute coolest stuff for your rod, shop, man cave, you name it.    Everything from custom laser cut grill inserts for your old Ford to the Crap-Master 3000.   Len specializes in laser cut steel items for the shop, car, garage... and his selection will blow you away.    Coalition Members... EMAIL Len to receive a 10% discount on orders over $50 and a 15% discount on custom work orders.

Yep, you read it right... Coalition Members receive a 15% discount off their purchases all year long.   T-shirts, beanies, decals, club plaques, patches... everything!   Just make a note in the "comments" section when you order and you will be refunded back 15% off your items!

You've seen the cars he's built in the magazines and all over this website... The Rat Patrol, his custom/blown T-bucket, the '34 "Flat 4rd".   Walt's 35 years of experience combined with his full service custom metal fabrication shop makes for some pretty amazing stuff.   Not only is Walt the best fabricator I've ever seen... he's also a great personal friend who I owe greatly for this (thanks Pops).   Sheet metal, bracketry, structural or decorative... Contact Walt for the 10% Coalition Member discount off his services.  

HUGE selection of chassis building parts, brackets, hardware, ready-to-weld hot rod parts, etc.   Designed BY a builder FOR builders.   GREAT resource for the home builder and we're stoked to have them on board.   Coalition Members receive a 10% discount!

Rods-n-Kustoms.com E-mail Address
Want a cool e-mail address to set you apart from the rest?   Coalition Members get their own
Rods-n-Kustoms.com e-mail addresses.

Customized Firewall/Dash Tag
We're topping this off with a 3 1/2" aluminum Rodders Coalition firewall/dash tag stamped with your member name right on it.   Rivet it on wherever you see fit!

Full Access & Usage of the new Members Photo Gallery!
Coalition members have full access and unlimited storage space in the Photo Gallery.  Upload all of your project photos, make photo albums, put captions/comments with your photos... have people vote/rate/comment on your photos... It's pretty damn neat. Check it out.

Rodders Coalition Members also get this cool aluminum firewall/dash tag customized with their member name!

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