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I guess this is just our way of leaving another grease spot on the web.  
Hot rods, kustoms, bikes... well you get the idea.  Although we tend to sway
toward the more kustom side of things... you restore geeks are welcome just
the same.  Take a look around and feel free to share your projects and other
goings on over at the Rodders Forum.  Get involved... this is your place and it
is what you make of it...  ~Steve & Connie Pejka

The dust is finally settling after opening the doors to the new hangout.
Excuse the mess while we keep working on adding more content to the site.
We'll be adding more stuff in the upcoming weeks, so please keep checking
back in with us.   If there's something you'd really like to see or have some cool
tech to share... drop us a line!

In the meantime...
A powerful video put together by Eric Darby that I really think needs to be shared.  
Watch and listen... Eric nails it spot on.

If VolksRods are your thing...
feel free to check out our sister site:

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